Playing through Normal, Nightmare and Hell mode in Diablo 3 is a pretty straightforward process, but once you get to Inferno, you start realizing that the gear you used to carry you through Hell is woefully inadequate which is when you start spending countless hours farming for either gold to buy new items, or to farm for items to sell or to farm for items that you can actually use. This usually involves reloading the game or a particular quest (such as Azmodan in Act 3 which has since been nerfed) over and over again, but it seems that Blizzard could be putting an end to that. In order to reduce the overall strain on the Diablo 3 servers and to improve overall game stability, Blizzard has announced that they will limit the number of times players can create games, after which they will be subject to a 10-15 minute wait before creating new games again.

No word on what exactly that limit is, but if any of our readers has encountered this wait, do let us know in the comments below! While Blizzard might have said that this was done to improve overall stability and reduce server strain, some are speculating that this could have been done to discourage botters and farmers who repeatedly create new games to farm for items and to exploit certain bugs. If anything, this is pretty much grounds for an argument for a single-player offline mode, where players will be able to do whatever they like.

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