Blizzard to offer full refunds to South Korean Diablo 3 gamers under level 40When Diablo 3 was launched, it was launched with its fair share of bugs and server issues that caused endless amounts of grief to players who might have otherwise been happy with a single player game. These problems extended to servers and gamers all around the world, which led to the South Korean Fair Trade Commission (FTC) investigating Blizzard, which then led to the FTC eventually raiding Blizzard’s Korean office. Now it seems that after the raid and probably due to the immense pressure that Blizzard faced, they will now be offering unhappy South Korean gamers a full refund for the game as long as they are under level 40. These players will be able to apply for the refund from the 25th of June until the 3rd of July. Those over level 40 will be out of luck.

Additionally, while Blizzard’s original refund policy only allowed for returns of products not in use, this policy has now been changed (it is unclear if the policy only affects South Korea or the rest of the world) to comply with South Korea’s law of product returns within seven days as long as the problems are not caused by the customer, and Blizzard will now accept returns from players under level 20 within two weeks of their purchase.

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