Virtual reality technology has certainly grown by leaps and bounds over the years, and Canon, an imaging company, has plans to introduce a new Mixed Reality system sometime next month in Japan first. This unique system is said to be able to immerse users in an interactive environment that will merge both physical and virtual objects. In order to achieve this objective, Canon has managed to develop a special-purpose head-mount display that will work in tandem with the right kind of software for position alignment. The system will rely on high-precision, high-speed image processing in order to pick up synthesized images, which in turn will share the same size as though you were seeing it with your naked eye – and all of it is achieved in real time, too.

It is expected that this system will be found useful across different fields, although Canon will first market it to niche sectors like industrial design first, where it comes in handy speeding up the product design and planning process. All real-world images will be obtained through a stereo camera that has been integrated into the head-mount display, and this design aligns the optical axes of the camera alongside the light entering the pupil from the display, making sure what the viewer sees is as close to natural sight as possible.

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