We first heard about CellScope in 2008. Back then, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley designed a cell phone microscope to diagnose patients over the phone. Well, today, its own technology has gone a long way. The company was reportedly able to raise over $1 million from Khosla Ventures to work on a smartphone-connected version of its otoscope. CellScope’s mobile otoscope claims that it can diagnose ear infections at home, making frequent visits to the doctor unnecessary. Essentially, the smartphone add-on can be connected to an iPhone, and it can be used to get a view inside a person’s ear magnified by a factor of 10.

Users can also reportedly take pictures and upload the images to CellScope’s web platform.  Erik Douglas, CEO of CellScope, noted that users can also take down notes and forward them to doctors for a remote examination of the initial diagnosis. The CEO added that the company is currently pilot-testing its mobile otoscope with doctors in the Bay Area. The pricing has yet to be determined, but Douglas added that it will not be beyond the price range of other popular iPhone accessories available today. Medical apps and accessories are gaining momentum nowadays. Juniper Research is predicting that there will be approximately 142 million medical app downloads by 2016.

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