One advantage about robots would be this – they are virtually tireless workers, and will run without complaining about getting higher wages or better working conditions, and you definitely will not find them at a picket line. However, there are limits to what robots can do, so how about using them for something more artistic instead? Dancing robots are said to assist in revealing some of the basic means by which traditions, behaviours and ideas move, and mutate – whether it is in the human or within the circle of an animal society.

The dancing robots actually performed in a laboratory at the University of the West of England (UWE), where this is part of a long-term project which united engineers, philosophers and cultural theorists in order to analyze what the machines revealed. The robots in question were tiny in size, sporting two-wheels and is known as e-pucks, and were released in an arena to interact with one other. Every single bit of interaction has been recorded on video thanks to an overhead video camera.

Of course, these robots are not perfect in any sense, and they do make copying errors as well – just like us humans. Still, it is interesting to see how robots and culture are able to work together.

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