What do you think of those baby dolls that open up their eyes when you pick them up from a position that lies down? I personally find them to be extremely creepy, but some others might think otherwise. The DeeChee robot that you see here looks like a baby, but it requires the help of human instructors in order to talk like a human infant, and it is also capable of picking up the names of simple shapes as well as colors. According to Caroline Lyon of the University of Hertfordshire, “Our work focuses on early stages analogous to some characteristics of a human child of about 6 to 14 months, the transition from babbling to first word forms.”


DeeChee is a three-foot-tall open source humanoid machine which was specially designed to look like a baby. There is nothing The shape of the body isn’t meant for just aesthetic purposes, but according to the researchers, they figured out that selected cognitive processes are shaped by the bodies in which they happen. Basically, if you place a brain in a vat, it would by all means and probability also think and learn very differently compared to a brain that is placed where it is normally in a body – that is, in the skull.

Good thing this baby robot does not poop for you to clean up after it, right?

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