Diablo 3 patch 1.0.2c is live in the AmericasAmerica – the land of opportunity, is now also the home of the Diablo 3 patch 1.0.2c as Blizzard just made the patch go live recently. Do bear in mind that Blizzard will not prompt you to download patch 1.0.2c until the patch goes live in your home region, so those whose home region is outside of the Americas, you will not be able to download it at all. In other words, those who log in from a European or Asian client will just have to exercise zen-like patience as you wait for this patch to roll out in your particular region before it can finally be installed.

Apart from that, should your home region be in the Americas, then you are unable to log into Europe or Asia using Global Play after you apply patch 1.0.2c – at least until the other regions have caught up. Just what kind of changes does Diablo 3 patch 1.0.2c bring to the table? You can check out the full hotfixes made here, but we are excited to know that the real-money auction house is now live at long last, among others.

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