When it comes to games, customizability is key. This includes hotkey assignments, button placement, status bar location, etc. Players of games like World of Warcraft are no doubt familiar with the user interface which is extremely customizable and can pretty much be setup to however the player wants it. With that being said, it looks like Valve will also be introducing customizability to their upcoming DOTA 2 game. However players will not have to wait until the final release before they get to try it out. Announced before the weekend, this update should be available for download so if you have yet to update your DOTA 2 beta, you probably should.

As pictured above, the update will bring about customizability to the game. This will now allow players to arrange the Grid View in whichever way they think works best for them. In fact players will also be able to save this customization and export it so that other players will be able to enjoy what you deem is the most efficient layout. For those who can’t be bothered to customize their own layout, we expect that more websites dedicated to customized layouts for DOTA 2 to start popping up where players will be able to download preset layouts. We’re not sure if the customizability is going to end there, but for now what do you guys think? Is this enough or would you like to be able to tweak the game even more?

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