How many books do you usually read in a month? Do you usually find yourself buying a new book only to leave it unfinished a few days after getting it? Well, Argentinean independent publishers Eterna Cadencia were able to develop a special ink that will reportedly disappear once it comes in contact with light and air. The special ink is a trade secret of course. But the publishers are publishing an anthology of new Latin authors using the ink. According to Eterna Cadencia, the book’s words and letters will disappear within two months after the reader opens its pages.

“Books are very patient objects. We buy them, and then they wait for us to read them. Days, months, even years. That’s OK for books, but not for new authors. If people don’t read their first books. They’ll never make it to a second,” the publishers said. The book, dubbed as “The Book That Can’t Wait”, hopes to provide a solution for half-read and unfinished books on your shelf. Moreover, it’s also aimed at helping first-time authors getting their stuff read more often. Eterna Cadencia has partnered with DRAFTFCB Buenos Aires to promote the innovation.

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