Facebook logoIt has been 11 hours since there were reports of Facebook being inaccessible for some folks, where users worldwide have complained that they cannot access their Facebook account, while for others, it is painfully slow to log into Facebook. As usual, if Facebook is down, how else are you going to share this bit of frustration with the rest of the world? Why, there is Twitter of course – and complaints started appearing on Twitter from roughly 4:26pm PST yesterday, where many users have made references to Facebook dropping south in line with their stock price.

Some folks did manage to log into their Facebook accounts after a while, while the outage continues for different people across various countries. Were you affected by Facebook’s downtime? I guess during this period, you could say that productivity across the board increased, but it probably did not matter at all to those who are busy leveling up their characters in Diablo 3. How does Facebook’s downtime affect you and your mood? Do share with us in the comments.

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