There is plenty of buzz going around about a new Nexus tablet from Google, and it seems that Google has done a pretty good job at keeping it secret until now. In fact, there has been some images “leaked” out, but it seems that those images in circulation are not considered to be authentic. One of the latest images of the Nexus tablet has started to make its rounds, where it is claimed to be a leaked press image from the upcoming Google I/O conference. Too bad it is but a fake – and a pretty obvious one at that, too. Clearer examination do show off clear “bounding boxes” that signify a surefire change in the digital noise that surrounds the “Google” and “ASUS” trademarks, in addition to the Nexus logo that is located in the middle of the screen.

This does not discount the fact that legitimate marketing teams do have to churn out composites whenever they are working on yet unreleased devices, but this will most probably look like it is a fake at this point in time. I guess patience has its virtue in this case, where we will just need to sit back and wait for the Google I/O conference to happen before we get to lay our hands on the real deal.

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