Google and Apple’s relationship is not exactly the most cordial, considering how they have been slugging it out for a few years already over the smartphone scene between the iOS and Android platforms. Google has not severed their ties to Apple completely though, as both companies do have mutually beneficial reasons to stick to their relationship. Today, we hear that the Gmail app for iOS has received notification center support – one of the most requested features to date. Apart from full notification center support, you are also able to send messages from your alternate email addresses in addition to experiencing an improved login procedure.


The Gmail app for iOS is said to be fully integrated with Notification Center now, where it will be able to support banners, alerts and lock screen options. Not only that, notifications are said to be very fast now, which is up to 5x faster compared to the previous version. In order to send mail from alternate email addresses, just make sure an alternate sender address has been configured in Gmail on your desktop and you’re good to go. The login process has also improved, letting you remain logged in for as long as you like.

How do you like the new Gmail for iOS?

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