Everything about Google Maps is great, that’s until a network error occurs due to an intermittent Internet connection. So, if you’ve been dreaming of an offline functionality in Google Maps, then today’s your lucky day. Google is now announcing the availability of an offline functionality on Google Maps for Android. Now Android users can select and save a region of a map from more than 150 countries for offline usage. Google Maps for Android can now save up to six large metro areas on the app.

To access the offline functionality, users will have to select “Make available offline” from the menu and verify the area that they would like to save. Under the map, users will be able to view the estimated file size of the map, letting users know how much storage space it will consume. Upon confirmation, the map will be downloaded to your Android device. Moreover, Google said that if you have GPS working on your device, the blue dot will still work without an Internet connection. In addition to the offline mode, Google is also releasing a smoother and faster Compass Mode for Street View in Google Maps for Android.

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