So the new MacBook Pro with a Retina display has been announced at WWDC earlier this week, and we have already placed a pre-order in order to check out what is so fine and dandy about it, before working on a review and see if the Retina Display is worth all the extra money that you would drop for it. Having said that, we ought to soon see apps that have been modified to cater for the new Retina Display, and Google certainly did not shy away from this particular task, by working on a new version of their Chrome browser. A blog post showed the image that you see above, where you will be able to see with your own eyes the difference between what the high resolution edition will look like compared to what is currently available. The Chrome Canary channel is the first to display the results of the hard work by Google’s Chrome team, and hopefully the real deal will be equally stunning when you lay your eyes on it.

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