While the beta weekend of Guild Wars 2 has passed, there still remains no official word from the folks at ArenaNet as to when the game will be released. They have stated in the past that the game would be released when they felt that it was ready, but when exactly is that? While this does not exactly constitute as official information, KDB Daewoo Securities has given its own prediction. Considered to be one of the largest and most successful brokerage firms in South Korea, the company has published a prediction of Guild Wars 2.


According to the report, they have predicted that the game will go on and sell 3.12 million units in both North American and European markets, with NCSoft receiving a $48 cut from the $59.99 retail price. They have also predicted that the game will be launched in the US and Europe before the Thanksgiving holiday. Granted this is somewhat vague, we guess we now have a timeframe to look forward to even though it might not be the most official of sources.

However this information could be confirmed soon as according to the report, the preparation time needed for a Q3 launch has suggested that an announcement could be made soon. Guild Wars 2 players, what do you think? If you’ve participated in the GW2 beta weekend, do you feel like the game’s launch announcement is imminent, or do you feel like there’s a lot of work still needed to be done on the game?

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