Homerun Stars will be Microsofts first game to utilize SmartGlass and Kinect at the same timeDuring E3, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox SmartGlass. To sum it up this is basically Microsoft’s answer to the Nintendo Wii U, with the difference being that Xbox owners will not need to buy new hardware as long as they have a tablet device that will be able to run the SmartGlass app. Well if you’re looking forward to seeing what Microsoft can come up with in terms of games that utilize the SmartGlass technology, Homerun Stars has been announced as the first game that will utilize both the SmartGlass and Kinect technology at the same time.

As the name itself has implied, this is a baseball game. It will be a multiplayer game whereby one player will use the Kinect to “bat”, while the other player will be pitching the ball via the SmartGlass technology. Given that this is more than just pressing a button, players will be able to articulate their pitches as well. Homerun Stars will be an Arcade title and it is one that certainly sounds like it could prove to be great fun at parties. So, who’s looking forward to this game?

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