With the launch of every new phone, no doubt there’s bound to be a couple of issues. Some might be minor, while some might be quite a big deal and according to recent reports, it seems that the newly launched HTC One X might be experiencing some WiFi issues. This apparently comes in the form of the infamous “death grip” in which the WiFi signal might drop or decrease drastically when held in a specific way. According to an XDA Developers member who goes by the handle bigoliver, users will be able to test if their One X is suffering from this issue by “gently [squeezing] the side back of your phone, between the camera lens and the volume buttons. Next, check to see “if your WIFI signal strength improves only to drop back down when you stop squeezing.”

If you think that this might be an isolated issue, it might not be as HTC has come forward and acknowledged the issue via a HTC representative who posted on the XDA forums. According to the rep, they have attempted to recreate the issue but to no avail and have asked users to PM him in order for HTC to get to the bottom of this issue. If your One X is suffering from poor WiFi signal, pop on over to the XDA forums and send Jeff a message. Hopefully HTC will be able to find a fix for this issue soon!

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