So you think that you live an extremely green lifestyle by driving a Prius and consuming nothing but organic food, using natural and organic detergents at home, while doing your bit for the local recycling effort. How about the home that you live in? Perhaps you might want to explore the possibility of erecting a Hus-1 idea in your backyard – assuming it is large enough, of course, in addition to your pockets being extra heavy.

The Hus-1 is located in Sweden, where it looks like a giant log on the outside from afar. This is a free-standing structure which was constructed by Scandinavian architect and carpenter, Torsten Ottesjö. The whole idea of the 25 square meter (269 sq ft) Hus-1 will boast of intricate wooden flooring and curved surfaces. It can accommodate up to 2 people comfortably, but you can still have enough room to entertain your guests if they happen to drop by. It does not look too dog friendly though in such a cramped space, so make sure if you’re going to keep Fido, he gets enough exercise outdoors!

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