iKeys latest rugged trackball   the DP TB 50You know, when you name your product something along the lines of “DP-TB-50″, you know right from the get go that you are just not going to sell too many of such devices. Seriously? Imagine walking up to a store and letting the person manning the counter know that you are looking for a “DP-TB-50″. Chances are you will be greeted by a blank look, followed by a dismissive hand. iKey does not seem to care though, especially with the introduction of their new 50mm trackball that relies on the latest and most advanced laser tracking technology, calling it the DP-TB-50 in the process. Come on guys, I am quite sure that you are far more creative than that when it comes to naming conventions!

I have been taught not to judge a book by its cover, so how does the DP-TB-50 fare? To be honest, on paper, its specifications are nothing short of impressive – sporting an extremely high specifications for a contact-less device, making it ideal for majority of demanding cursor control applications. The laser tracking engine delivers accurate cursor motion regardless of speed, while a high reliability of solid state sensing translates to continuous operation under challenging conditions even. Heck, it even sports a removable top ring that paves the way for easy cleaning, decontamination, sterilization, and maintenance. [Press Release]

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