Inari-zushi Robot does 2,500 rolls each hour

Just how many sushi rolls can you produce in an hour? Suzumo’s latest Inari-zushi Robot is one productive machine – it is said to be able to improve from its predecessors by being able to make up to 2,500 Inari-zushi rolls each hour. All one needs to do in the kitchen would be to place the rice in the hopper, while arranging the fried tofu skin on the turntable. Not only that, the robot will also feature a patent-pending double air-nozzle system that allows it to fully open the delicate fried tofu skin without missing a beat, where this would make it possible to insert rice into the corners of the skin.

In some way, it functions just like a syringe, as the fried tofu skin can be opened in a jiffy in one swift motion, where more air will then be blown in so that the rice can be inserted gently. There are half a dozen speed settings on the Inari Sushi Robot, where it can make anything from 1,200 pieces per hour to 2,500 at top speed, and is able to run off a standard 100 V power outlet. The asking price for the Inari-zushi Robot? A cool $50,000 thereabouts after conversion.

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