Internet Explorer 10s ‘Do Not Track’ default is not too popularAdvertisers who are far from happy with Microsoft’s ‘Do-Not-Track’ default option in Internet Explorer 10 have somewhat thrown a spanner in the works. The most recent proposed draft of the Do Not Track specification which was published on Wednesday put the responsibility on users to choose to turn on the anti-behavioral tracking feature in their browsers and software, and this translates to IE 10 not being compliant with the official spec. Basically, tech and ad companies who claim to comply with Do Not Track can just opt to ignore the flag set by IE 10, continuing to track those who use that browser, so Microsoft’s hand seems tied in this matter, as they would be left with no choice except to alter the setting.

It does seem that this case might eventually set a precedent, where there is very little probability that IE 10 or other browser will ship with Do Not Track turned on by default, although they could feature an easily accessible manner for users to turn it on.

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