Internet has officially more stars than the universeJust how many addresses does the Internet have? Definitely far more than the number of people on this planet, and in order to cut to the chase, we are looking at more addresses compared to the stars in the universe. Yesterday marked a historical moment in the life of the Internet, as the switchover to the new IPv6 protocol was completed, and that opened up the floodgates for a slew of other IP addresses made available to the masses. CNN says that there are now 340 trillion trillion trillion unique addresses – and if you were to summarize it two words, it would be 340 undecillion.

Of course, nobody really knows the total and exact number of stars in the universe, and we can at best, make a guesstimate. Some estimates say the 340 undecillion mark surely surpasses the number of stars, and it is definitely more than the amount of cells you have in your body, and for sure is more than the gallons of water the Earth can hold. The thing is, most of the good and highly desirable addresses have already been taken…

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