Psychedelic music sort of “attempts to replicate” the mind-altering experiences of psychedelic drugs. But I can easily associate the music with the new wave genres in the 80s. That’s why when I learned that Trumpeter Swan’s “Fools Parade” psychedelic music video used an iPhone 4S to shoot and handle the visual effects, my eyes and ears were glued. Director Jeff Turboff took a staggering 5,016 photos on an iPhone 4S and passed every frame to PhotoTropedelic, an app that adds 1960s pop-art flair to smartphone images. The result is the psychedelic music video “Fools Parade” which you can see above.

Turboff said that he used the iPhone 4S’ 1080p camera in a tiny music studio that has 120 square feet of room for lights. He had to painstakingly unload the images from the iPhone to a laptop to leave space for storage and continue shooting. Then, for many days, he reportedly uploaded the photos to Dropbox and downloaded each of them to his iPhone and processed each one individually in the app. “The time involved in treating the video with PhotoTropedelic was around 30 to 45 minutes per second of video. Altogether I’d guess I put in about 200 hours of post-production,” he retorted.

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