Not too long ago and bugged by Apple’s silence on the status of the Mac Pro, a bunch of Mac Pro users got together and started a Facebook petition where they appealed to Apple to let them know if the Mac Pro would be seeing a refresh or if it would be scrapped entirely. While Apple is still keeping mum on the issue (hopefully WWDC is when the details will be revealed), Jim Dalrymple of The Loop in a podcast with Amplified’s Dan Benjamin was quoted as saying, “No” when asked if Apple would be discontinuing the Mac Pro.

Granted Dalrymple’s word can hardly be called official, but he is without doubt connected and has always been invited to Apple’s events, so it is safe to assume that he knows what he’s talking about, or at least has made a much better educated guess compared to the rest of us. Unfortunately his “no” did not reveal much so it is unclear if Apple will be updating the Mac Pro range of professional-grade computers any time soon or if we will be waiting for the next few years. Either way WWDC has yielded some Apple hardware announcements in the past and while nothing has been confirmed yet, do check back with us then for any updates!

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