Kermit might have a suave voice, but here are his long lost relatives thanks to the good people at Troche, coming up with the Keromin digital puppet instrument. Basically, these might look like toys at the beginning, but you actually play them by opening the puppet’s mouth in varying degrees to control the pitch. Rhythm and volume are also controlled thanks to the switches found on the puppet’s arms. The Keromin has been described as “easy to relate to, so it’s a toy as well as an instrument, and it can also be used as a communication tool. Keromin makes everyone smile, so it brings people together right away.”

Powered by the same number of AA batteries that the first generation Nintendo Game Boy required (that’s four AA batteries if your memory fails you), the Keromin will feature an integrated speaker in its belly to get audio delivered to your ears. Since the pitch of each puppet can be changed, get a bunch of Keromins, vary individual pitches, and you can start composing your own tunes. There will be two models available – the large one is known as Keromin, while the smaller one with a speaker is called the Kokeromin. The Keromin and Kokeromin will retail for $620 and $125, respectively.

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