Kinect to detect emotions and serve up corresponding adsMicrosoft’s Kinect has been said to be one of the more interesting improvements to the gaming world even until today, and they might eventually rely on the ability of Kinect to be able to detect one’s emotions, and follow up with the right kind of ads after that. Right now, online adverts have been tailored to your search and browsing history, but Microsoft wants to include emotions in the mix, where a recently revealed patent application points toward the Kinect sensor analyzing one’s face and body language for emotions, which will eventually enable companies to better target their ads.

Not only that, emotional analysis of emails, including search terms and perhaps your online gaming performance might also end up as an influencing factor to the kind of ads that you see. It does seem rather uncanny for a machine to be able to make a rather accurate guess on what kind of stuff you want to look at, no? How about playing with a clown’s mask on all the time?

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