Those living in South Korea will most probably have come across a new ad campaign that features a QR Code, advertising the LG Optimus Vu that boasts of LG U+ LTE connectivity. This particular ad (which you can view in the video above) basically wants to draw your attention to a single tag line – “If you haven’t smiled lately scan this…” No, you will not end up with a joke sent to your SMS inbox each day, but rather, the QR code will redirect you to “fun videos” instead. Right now, it seems that the QR code’s idea of “fun videos” are rather lengthy ones, and there is every possibility that the video might just change regularly thanks to a rotational selection policy on the TV channel itself. I wonder whether there will be any chance of QR codes appearing on TV ads here in the US in a more prevalent manner sometime down the road. After all, the possibilities can be said to be endless…

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