Following LinkedIn’s recent hacking scandal that exposed over 6.5 million LinkedIn hashed passwords online on June 6, the social networking platform for professionals is cutting API access to the headhunting app Pealk. Over at Pealk’s official website, the French startup startup company said, “Pealk sincerely regrets to inform you that the #1 Hunting App’ for LinkedIn will be no more available as from next Tuesday”.

“It is true that we are extremely surprised by LinkedIn’s decision, since such conclusion contradicts LinkedIn’s statement to open their platform to outside innovation through their API. Given Pealk’s recent success, we believe that this decision also goes against the interests of number of LinkedIn members lacking a productivity tool to search, sort and engage professionals on LinkedIn,” Pealk wrote.

Pealk has over has about 2,500 users worldwide. Essentially, the app helps recruiters search and view results at a glance, quickly browse and sort through LinkedIn profiles, create templates, track interactions and export them to a CRM, and organize profiles into custom folders. LinkedIn reportedly said that Pealk is in clear violation of LinkedIn’s terms of use and is abusing the guidelines in place to protect its members’ data. At this time, we’re still wondering how Pealk  violated LinkedIn’s guidelines and terms.

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