If you’ve been around long enough, you might have at some point owned or have seen the old Macintosh laptops. They were big and chunky and were monochromatic. However if the monochromatic theme is one that you miss or one that you’d like to recreate, designer Ben Vessey has recently released the Mac OS (Old School) mod that basically transforms your Mac computer into a retro looking one that is reminiscent of the good old days. This mod contains a set of 21 icons and wallpaper and is relatively easy to install. If you’ve ever messed around with your Mac OS X icons in the past, then swapping out your icons should be a simple task. For those who haven’t, you might want to consider tools like CandyBar or LiteIcon which should be able to get the job done. Windows users should have no problems using these icons and wallpaper as well and would be a nice touch of irony. Either way if you’d like to mod your computer with the icon set and wallpaper, head on over to Ben Vessey’s website for the download.

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