The new Macbook Pro 15 with Retina display has landed in our office and here’s the unboxing video. Overall, it is a much thinner Macbook Pro 15, thanks to the departure of the optical drive. Those who need to read CD/DVDs can still use an external one, whether it is from Apple or not (we used to have a USB Samsung optical drive for the Macbook Air).

We’ll get to the benchmarks soon enough, but you can expect some CPU boost, and the GPU is pretty decent, so in theory, mid-range gaming and most 2D applications should work great. The star of the show is really the high-density display. It does look pretty amazing, not only in terms of sharpness -which is incredible- but also in terms of view angle, color reproduction and contrast. Now, the real question is: what does the Retina display bring on the table and is it really worth the premium price.

We will answer to that in our upcoming review of the Macbook Pro 15 w/ Retina, so stay tuned. And one more thing: this new Macbook Pro also supports Bootcamp, so we are going to test Windows 7 as well to see how good (or not) the Windows drivers are.

If you have additional question that you would like to see answered in our full review. Please drop a comment below.

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