Just what kind of gaming peripherals that have yet to be released, and when they do, will actually stop us in our tracks, giving us a breather to pick up our jaws from the floor? I guess that while gun controllers abound to work alongside the Wiimote and PS Move, here is the MAG II Magneton Induction Gun that will definitely play differently, where it looks extremely deadly as a standalone device. Specially designed to up the ante in realism for first person shooters, this unique device has no need for sensors or cameras, and doubles up as a light gun.

The MAG II Magneton Induction Gun does not come with any sensor bar whatsoever, but it does have a USB dongle which will plug into an Xbox 360, PS3 or PC USB port, and the gun controller itself sports an integrated gyroscope that is used for motion tracking purposes. No pixie dust were used in the deployment of the MAG II Magneton Induction Gun, and that is all there is to it, and yet it is a surprisingly simple yet elegant solution that might let you look at gun controllers differently. Initial impressions have been nothing short of positive, so do look out for the MAG II Magneton Induction Gun this coming October at $150 each.

The thing is, at such price points, will peripherals like these catch on in the long run?

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