Google logoOne of Google’s interesting and useful (sometimes hilarious) features is its autocomplete when attempting to search for something. At times it just seems like magic at how they seem to know what you’re searching for, even though you might be typing something that would seem generic. However there are times when it autocompletes something entirely different which could yield hilarious results, or potential lawsuits. A man in Japan is reportedly suing Google again for defamation, claiming that by typing his name into Google’s search box yielded autocomplete suggestions relating criminal acts.

His first lawsuit was filed in March and the courts have since ordered Google to stop displaying the characters. However Google apparently did not do so which led to the man suing them again. While we can’t really confirm this, the man believes that it is due to Google’s autocomplete function that led to him losing his job several years ago and subsequently made it harder for him to find a new one. With employers these days performing background checks on potential applicants, we guess there is at the very least a sliver of truth in his allegations.

Either way this isn’t the first time Google has gotten into trouble over their autocomplete function and we don’t see why this could be their last. So, any of you guys yielded unfavorable autocomplete results when attempting to Google yourself?

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