Have you watched Prometheus? Do you recall Fifield’s “pups”, as he called them, where they went scurrying around the huge cavern to map out the place with their sophisticated laser-based system. Having said that, man and technology are certainly a kindred spirit, if I may so say. The 310 SUGV is right now a distant cousin of the Roomba, where the Marines in Afghanistan call him the Devil Pup. Whenever one of these Devil Pups fall “sick”, the little robot will be sent by the marines over to the Joint Robotics Repair Detachment—Afghanistan, as there is a ready team of military and civilian technicians who want to practice the art of “healing” on robots – although I think it would be easier to call it repairing instead.

The Devil Pup resembles the fictional WALL-E character that looks oh-so-cute, where it will get around on tank-like treads. You will find the Devil Pup come equipped with a manipulator arm as well as a high-resolution camera so that you can view what is going on around remotely. Not only that, the Devil Pup is capable of wading through 6 inches of water.

I do hope that the Devil Pups will be able to help our boys and girls on the battlefield and save many lives in the process.

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