Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC skips Europe PS3 owners until July 4thWe mentioned in passing earlier that the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC will arrive in Europe for PS3 owners only on July 4th, which is slightly more than a week from now, but here are more details on the situation. Developer of Mass Effect 3, BioWare, mentioned that folks living in Europe and are rocking to either the Xbox 360 or the PC will already have received the content today, which is June 26th, although PS3 owners have to “suffer” for at least one more week. There were no reasons given by BioWare as to the delay in Europe, which is rather strange since PS3 owners living in North America were not affected by the delay. Having said that, some enterprising folks have already come up with different guides by detailing just how Europe PS3 gamers are able to access US content simply by registering a spanking new account.

Do not expect to enjoy any more gameplay with the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC, although chances are you will be pleased at how the entire story pans out with some clarification thrown into the mix concerning the cut scenes that left many wanting when the game was released earlier this year.

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