Microsoft and Barnes & Noble tablet announcement coming?Yes, we do know that Microsoft looks set to announce something big tomorrow evening, but just what is it? There has been plenty of rumors, some even throwing people onto the wrong path, but we do know that it looks set to change the game – some way or another. Well, another rumor off the mill would be Barnes & Noble teaming up with Microsoft to introduce a tablet which also doubles up as a more than decent e-reader device. After all, some speculate that if this were to be just any other Windows 8/RT tablet announcement, it would probably have skipped Los Angeles as the venue of choice, and it would not be made this early on in the “game” considering an announcement of such magnitude should more often than not follow that at a developer conference.

Other rumors surrounding this Barnes & Noble tablet include an announcement for a “strategic partnership” later in April, where Microsoft will be throwing in (invest would be a better word, I guess) $300 million into the joint business known as “Newco” in order to pick up a 17.6% equity stake, while Barnes & Noble would own the remaining 82.4%.

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