Microsoft is offering a Skyrim-themed Xbox Kinect as a prize for the best Dragon Shout

So Bethesda’s Skyrim game was updated a while back that brought about Kinect functionality to the game. What this did was allow players to perform their Dragon Shouts, better follower control, looting, trading, casting spells, etc. If you thought that was cool and you’ve yet to get your hands on the Xbox Kinect, you might not have to since there is a chance that you could win one for yourself. Bethesda has announced via their blog that gamers will now stand a chance to win a “super-limited” edition Skyrim-themed Xbox Kinect device via the Official Xbox Facebook page. This basically involves users recording videos of themselves performing Dragon Shouts and uploading them onto YouTube or Vimeo, but if you’d like a more detailed view of rules, you will be able to find the complete list here. The contest will be ending at 11:59pm PT on the 25th of June, so if you really want to win this Skyrim Kinect then you best get to work!

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