A little under a week ago, leaked documents surfaced which “revealed” some of the details of the Microsoft’s next-gen console, the Xbox 720. Microsoft had kept mum on the leak and only recently released a statement to address it. However the statement neither confirmed nor denied the legitimacy of the document, leading some to speculate that it could indeed be for real. Well for those still sitting on the fence and trying to decide its credibility, Microsoft has apparently started to reach out to websites to remove the document.

This take down notice was sent to a Czech tech website, lhned.cz, where they claim that they were asked to remove the “copyrighted works” from its website. Microsoft had also apparently claimed (via The Verge) that the site was “offering unlicensed copies of, or is engaged in other unauthorized activities relating to copyrighted works published by Microsoft.” This isn’t the first website to be affected as apparently Dropbox has also banned the file from its services. When WP Central author, RogueCode, attempted to access the file from Dropbox, he reached a page saying that the file was “no longer available due to a takedown request under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by Microsoft.”

We’re assuming that if the document was indeed fake and made up for no other reason than to sensationalize and to spread rumors, Microsoft would certainly not go to this extent to remove the existence of the document, let alone claim it violated their copyright. However since there is no official word on the next-gen Xbox or on the legitimacy of the document, we will refrain from speculating too much, but what do you guys think? Was the document for real?

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