Late yesterday evening, we were talking about the Microsoft Surface tablet coming with just Wi-Fi connectivity within, meaning that there will not be any 3G or 4G chipset accompanying the hardware. Of course, those are but rumors and have yet to be confirmed, but it seems that another bit of rumor has surfaced concerning the Microsoft Surface, this time touching on the sensitive topic of price. Whispers are going around that the Microsoft Surface tablet will retail for $599, and this might eventually mean Apple can breathe easy, as there is no risk of users being in two minds since the asking price of $599 is the minimum. Of course, this scenario would only come into play if it is not a rumor.

When you compare it to the iPad, the entry level model retails for $399, while Amazon’s Kindle Fire that is powered by a customized version of Google’s Android operating system will sell for a mere $199. Do you think that Microsoft has a choice to depart from the premium price point by being a first timer, so to speak, in the second iteration of the tablet market? The first time was when Microsoft introduced the Tablet PC and virtually nobody gave thought to that, until Apple’s iPad came around many years later to turn the tablet world upside down.

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