DCW’s Zero Pod might seem to be some strange contraption at first glance, but it is actually a mobile house kit which is said to be able to be taken apart and reassembled somewhere else. Basically known as the Mobile House Kit, it is a snap to transport around, and you can basically create a house just about anywhere you are, subject to the land which you have decided to take a break at, of course. Once you are done with that place, just dismantle it, load it on a truck (or a water buffalo, depending on which country you are it), and move on elsewhere like the nomad that you are.

Nice to know it needs no foundations, and it is also height-adjustable so that it can be installed in place on sites where foundations are notoriously difficult to find a sure footing, especially on steep slopes. The manufacturer says, “It can be put together by two women in around half a day. When you want to take it apart, pulling these anchors out is a bit hard, but even then it only takes about 1 day. All the materials will fit into a minivan. The biggest component is around 1800mm long, so if the vehicle can accommodate a 1800mm-long object, it will be able to carry it.”

Developing countries would most probably find some good use for this.

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