The folks behind the block crazy game known as Minecraft, Mojang, has another project up their sleeves which they have dubbed “Scrolls“. I sure hope that the weight and expectancy of it all will not result in Scrolls being a dud, but other companies in the past have certainly suffered from being unable to shake off the tag of their previous success no matter whatever new ideas or products that they come up with in the future. Scrolls is said to be in the pipeline that will deliver a unique take on the gameplay. Basically, your scrolls act as collectible cards which enable you to access heroes, creatures and powers that you can utilize in order to defeat your nemesis. Hmmm, does this sound too much like Magic: The Gathering, albeit in a digital format?

The way to get hooked on this game would be to go on an adventure as you attempt to gather and win new scrolls along the way. There has been no release date attached to Mojang’s Scrolls just yet, although Mojang will begin testing the game with a small number of players very soon. Do you think that Scrolls will end up bigger than Minecraft itself?

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