New memory might help smartphone batteries last the distanceIf there is one thing about modern day smartphones that many of us loathe, it would be the lack of battery life on these puppies. It seems as though the amount of juice in your battery depletes rather fast, so much so that by the time you arrive back home at the end of the day, you would need to remember to recharge your phone – otherwise you will not have a phone to use when you wake up the next morning. Having said that, the featurephones of old seem to last a whole lot longer, where Nokia handsets took a few days of use before they need to be plugged in. However, since plenty of people have already migrated to the smartphone platform, it makes perfect sense to conjure new technologies to tackle the power problem.

There is a new kind of energy saving memory that might just fit the bill, where it has been touted to extend your smartphone’s battery life anywhere from 5 to 10 times. Now I do hope that this is not just an empty promise, but will be able to be replicated and manufactured on the large scale. The technology seems poised for a commercial application in due time, so hopefully manufacturers will be able to jump aboard the bandwagon and include this new memory technology in due time.

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