[E3 2012] What would be a Nintendo press conference be like if there were no new titles announced for their consoles, be they handheld or home-based consoles? The Nintendo 3DS has gotten a teaser peek at three first party titles, where two of them have been named – New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Paper Mario Sticker Star. The former is clearly different from the Wii U title, where Mario is shown off in solid gold – just in time for the Olympics, I might add, as he might just pick up the gold medal in the high jump event. There is also a gold flower which will turn Mario into solid gold, although it does make me wonder with all the extra weight lugged around by changing his bodily matter, how does he jump so high? Physics aside, New Super Mario Bros. 2 will arrive in the US this August 19th.

As for Paper Mario Sticker Star, the main theme of this game would be stickers – as the whole Paper Mario world comes plastered with them. Graphically speaking, this is not the most impressive Mario outing, but let us focus on the gameplay and perhaps we might forget about the somewhat jagged edges. Stickers here function as powerups – for example, you can stomp on enemies with a shoe sticker, and a hammer sticker, well, it hits your enemies away. Paper Mario Sticker Star is set to arrive later this holiday season.

Last but not least, Luigi will get his own title in Luigi’s Mansion 2, although Mario’s little brother ends up more spooked this time around than most. He will have to go through different mansions, with each mansion having its specific set of challenges, and with 3D graphics, the creepiness level has just, (sorry I cannot resist) crept up. Arriving this holiday season, let us hope it does not induce an amount of fear that takes away the joy of the holidays. New ghosts have been introduced, where you will need to think off different ways to nab them without ringing the Ghostbusters.

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