When it comes to exercising, it would be great if you had a buddy to spur you on. There are apps on mobile devices these days that make the entire exercising experience far more social, and we have word that the Nike+ Running App for Android has just been released, enabling runners to be able to track, share and if the competitive nature in them arises, compare their runs with one another. This particular Android app will enable users to connect seamlessly to nikeplus.com, where the site was re-engineered specifically to be smarter, more social and deliver more motivation. Diving into it should be a snap, since the smooth, intuitive user interface which was specially tailored and optimized for Android offers such an experience, and the in-run navigation is also a seamless and simple experience, letting you look up on your key run stats and in-progress GPS maps at a glance, doing all of that without missing a stride.

You will be able to share all of your updates to Facebook or Twitter fun with run summary features, where you can choose from a wide range of terrains and emotions, in addition to tagging the shoe that you ran in in order to track the entire mileage. The app is also smart enough to record climate conditions automatically, thanks to one’s GPS co-ordinates. This 17MB download is free on Google Play. [Press Release]

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