[E3 2012] If you thought that playing video games would cause you to become a couch potato, you might want to rethink that. Nintendo has just announced the Wii Fit U which is basically a new take on the Wii Fit that will help gamers exercise in a more fun and entertaining way while making use of the Wii U console and its new GamePad. It will still utilize the Wii Balance Board peripheral which will put players into positions that are similar to exercise positions, except that it will incorporate gameplay elements to make exercise less boring and more entertaining.

The GamePad will be placed at either the bottom in front of the Wii Balance Board, or it can be held out, although this will depend on the game that you are currently playing. Dubbed the “Fit Meter”, this is a feature that allows gamers to measure just how many calories they might have burnt during their Wii Fit U sessions. The ability to outdo your friends in terms of calories burnt will also be a bonus that will hopefully keep players motivated to try and one up each other. Also thanks to the console’s new GamePad, it will allow gamers to continue their exercise via the GamePad’s touchscreen display while the television is used, which was pretty much how Nintendo had originally intended for it to work.

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