NTT DoCoMo of Japan has started to explore what they call the Peripheral Display Coordination service concept, where the whole shebang of an idea would be to rely on a home TV or digital signage in order to show off relevant and context sensitive content to users through the medium of their smartphone devices. After all, just about everyone and their pet dog has a smartphones these days, especially more so in developed countries, no? DoCoMo hopes that this particular system will serve as a gentle reminder for those of us who are too busy to take note of the smaller details in life.

For example, if you have information concerning a special deal like a coupon, you might even forget that you have said coupon even when you are in the store that offered such a promotion. The Peripheral Display Coordination service concept will then notify you through a nearby compatible display, saying, “This coupon is available, would you like to use it?”

Basically, it is a somewhat commercial secretary that works on your behalf, although I am not sure it is going to be a killer app as this is definitely not something essential which you should own, but rather nice to experience.

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