POrtal: Terminal Velocity is a gun that actually works!

Portal game fans, have you ever wondered just what you would do if you were to wield a portal gun in real life, and it actually works? Wonder no more, as Jason Craft came up with his homemade video of the portal gun in action, dubbed POrtal: Terminal Velocity. This video shows the portal gun in action, where he tested it out with some of his friends to great effect. Things do get rather dangerous in real life instead of being all fun in the game, and the effort that he invested to put together this fictional video included 3D tracking, seamless camera cuts and a 3D camera projection. Enjoy the video above, and who knows? It might just spark off that editorial giant in you as you start to believe that you too, are able to come up with a video like this for the masses to enjoy. If you had a portal gun in your hand, just what would you use it for? It would be interesting to see the ramifications of it on the battlefield for sure. I wonder whether our military has some top secret weapon like it….

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