One of the modern bane of the gizmos and gadgets that we use would be the battery life – or rather, the lack of it, when you take into consideration a full day’s worth of normal use. Most of us will have to juice up our smartphones when we arrive home after a long day at the office, and perhaps Prieto Battery has something different for us to look forward to – as we have word that they are working on a spanking new lithium ion battery that is said to be 1,000 times more powerful than what is currently available in the market. Of course, if they were to achieve this, it would definitely be one of the finest achievements to date. However, the final product is still far from finished, and Prieto Battery has raised over $5 million in order to churn out a lithium-ion battery which relies on nanotechnology to boost its power as well as endurance to make it far beyond a typical battery which will be able to power just about anything and everything from electric vehicles to smartphones.

Basically, it is meant to intertwine the battery’s cathode and anode instead of having lithium ions travel from one to the other via a liquid electrolyte. The battery itself has a “copper antimonide (Cu2Sb) electrodeposited on nanowires or copper foam” which “lends an unprecedented degree of stability to the anode and has already demonstrated virtually no loss of capacity over extensive cycling – a dramatic improvement over other anode materials.”

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