Check it out – a spanking new intellectual property (IP) from the developers (Quantic Dream) of Heavy Rain for the Sony PS3, where it is known as Beyond: Two Souls. I guess at least this puts an end to all the sequels and prequels of gaming titles out there, although there is always a sense of loyalty and continuity for the gamer to reproduce whenever a new title in the same IP is announced. Sony says in a rather cryptic manner, “For the first time in a videogame, we will live the life of a character.” Hmmm, a mode of escapism from reality? We do know that the actress who will portray the game’s protagonist, Jody Holmes, would be Ellen Page. From what we have seen of Beyond: Two Souls, the setting is pretty dark and grim, just like the world these days.

On the run – always on the run, and that is the reality of games like these where you are seemingly involved knee deep in a conspiracy, where everyone and everything does look as though they have a personal vendetta against you. Footage of Beyond: Two Souls feature its fair share of adrenaline pumping action and carnage, and the visuals are stunning – going to show that the PS3 still has some way to go before developers max out its capabilities (having been on the market for half a dozen years already), visual or otherwise. Hopefully living the life of Jody in the game will not have you end up as a paranoid android in real life!

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