For those of you who have played Mechwarrior on the computer before, surely you remembered those awesome moments where polygons came together, as well as wireframe designs to help you see your opponent better? Some of us had to make do with a mouse and keyboard combination, but how about those who were privileged enough to own a joystick? That certainly helped make the Mechwarrior experience a whole lot more complete. Well, fast forward to today, and we have the Razer Artemis concept controller which is meant to cater for the upcoming MechWarrior Online title.

This concept controller was specially designed in order to deliver a competitive edge to gamers as they move around in their Mech, ensuring that they obtain victory at all costs in the dog-eat-dog BattleTech universe. Of course, if you still lose to your opponent while wielding the Razer Artemis concept controller, then all I can say is this – there is a dire need to polish up those skills of yours! Go ahead, bring on the Timberwolves! [Press Release]

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