I’m not sure about the rest of you guys, but sleeping with earphones or headphones is something I find incredibly hard to do. Not only is it somewhat uncomfortable, but after a while earphones tend to drop out and that’s when it usually wakes me up. Perhaps suffering from a similar problem and looking to solve it, designer Gregory Martin has come up with a pair of concept earphones dubbed the “REM headphones” that not only will allow for custom fitting, but will also be comfortable enough to wear while you sleep.

Custom-fitted earphones are not new and brands like Ultimate Ears have been known for creating custom earphones in the past. However since every person’s ear is different, the molds will have to be tailor made which not only will take a while to manufacture, but will end up being costly as well. Martin’s solution is a pair of silicon buds that can be custom fit by pumping air into them, which should help the earphones “fill” the wearer’s ears. The earphones will also feature an elongated shape that will disperse the pressure exerted on the outer ear which should help make it a more comfortable experience. Interesting design – what do you guys think?

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